Tempered Glass Labels

According to the International Residential Code (IRC), all manufacturers of tempered glass (or safety glass) must contain an identifying label. The regulation states that these labels must be “acid-etched, sandblasted, ceramic-fired, laser-etched, embossed, or be of a type which, once applied, cannot be removed without being destroyed.”
At Arrow Custom Labels, we can provide high-quality tempered glass labels for manufacturer identification, which will provide the ability to track products, distribute glass, and confirm the source of manufacturing for liability purposes.


  • Automotive Glass (windshields, windows, mirrors)
  • Monitor Screens (computers, laptops, mobile devices)
  • Construction (sliding doors, shower doors, floor-to-ceiling windows)
  • Home Appliances (glasstop stoves, conventional/microwave ovens, baking dishes)
  • Commercial Uses (solar panels, phone boths, bus stops)
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